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YouTube highlights: fuel delivery lesson, seized Honda Gold Wing and Talbot Matra Rancho!

Tractor carburetor Car Wizard

We’re big fans of YouTube. Not only is it a fantastic source of entertainment, it’s also a great source of information. Indeed, we’ve got our very own Haynes YouTube channel, which is packed with hints, tips and step-by-step videos to help you maintain and repair your own vehicles.

Check it out and subscribe here, and make sure you hit the bell icon so that you know the moment we upload new content, such as the 'short', below, on Jeep Grand Cherokee starting problems.

Car Wizard

Fuel System Maintenance: A Comprehensive Guide

This is more of a brief history of fuel systems, rather than a guide to maintenance, but it's an interesting walk through time – and not just because the Wizard looks under the hood/bonnet of a Case tractor, a 1946 Chrysler Town and Country, a DeLorean, a Lotus Evora and a Ferrari 348. Oh, and a VW Beetle.

It's a fascinating journey from the carburetor to direct injection.

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The Bearded Mechanic

Will this Abandoned Gold Wing with a Seized Engine Get Me 247 Miles Home?

Craig is the Car Wizard's motorbike-loving brother. Well, not really, but he has the same level of knowledge as the Wizard, just about two-wheeled transport instead.

A first attempt at getting this Honda Gold Wing to run reveals engine issues, so Craig trailers it back to his workshop (fast forward to 10mins 30secs for that bit). Will he get it going? Does he have a fire extinguisher to hand when things rapidly escalate?

Grand Thrift Auto

Rancho Restoration #1

Many people think that the Mk1 Honda CR-V is the original soft-roader, but we beg to differ. If you know anything about European autos, you’ll have heard of the Matra Rancho that appeared in the late ’70s and stuck around until the mid-’80s.

Chrysler Europe-owned Simca had a hand in the Rancho, and while it looked pretty cool back then, it was only front-wheel drive, and had a rather gutless 1.4-litre petrol engine with a four-speed stick shift.

The story of Martin’s purchase of the Rancho (and a pile of Haynes Manuals) is rather sad, as you'll see in this first video, where he gives us a walk-around. As you can imagine, there's a fair bit of rust that needs to be dealt with. In fact, that's the main issue at the moment.

Leave a comment for Martin on YouTube if you want to see him make a 'will it run?' video!