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Haynes AutoFix - Frequently asked questions

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What is Haynes AutoFix?

Haynes AutoFix is a mixture of vehicle servicing information, specifications, generic DIY tutorials, videos, technical drawings, fault-finding, and explanations, along with step-by-step vehicle specific descriptions for the more complicated tasks like timing belt renewals.

Over 40 generic tutorials are provided, explaining how and why the various servicing tasks are performed, with tips, related tasks, tools required, safety precautions and levels of difficulty. Some of the tutorials include video guides as well.

The vehicle-specific information includes specification data, torque wrench settings, capacities, lubricants, maintenance/service schedules, fuse allocations, steering geometry, and technical drawings.

Note that Haynes AutoFix is not based on a vehicle strip and rebuild. No vehicles were harmed during its production!

Does Haynes AutoFix cover the task I will be doing?

Haynes AutoFix covers tasks a typical DIYer is likely to perform at home, such as maintenance, and removal/refitting of components.

Here’s a list of the content generally included. Note that some procedures may not apply to your vehicle if the component listed is not installed.

Generic DIY tutorials:

  • Coolant renewal
  • General hose and fluid leak checks
  • Coolant level check
  • Ancillary drive belt check and renewal
  • Battery check and renewal
  • Battery disconnection and reconnection
  • Battery charging
  • MOT test preparation
  • Exhaust system check
  • Spark plug renewal
  • Air filter renewal
  • Fuel system connectors
  • Fuel filter renewal
  • Engine oil and filter renewal
  • Engine oil level check
  • Engine mounts check
  • Turbocharger renewal
  • Clutch renewal
  • Clutch hydraulic system bleeding
  • Manual transmission fluid change
  • Drive shaft CV joint gaiter check
  • Drive shaft checks
  • Drive shaft oil seal renewal
  • Drive shaft CV joint gaiter renewal
  • Drive shaft removal and refitting
  • Brake hydraulic system bleeding
  • Front brake disc renewal
  • Brake hose checks
  • Brake pad thickness check
  • Front brake pad renewal
  • Brake and clutch fluid level check
  • Steering and suspension checks
  • Steering track rod end renewal
  • Tyre pressure and condition check
  • Wheel removal and refitting
  • Exterior light bulb renewal
  • Lock, hinges and catches: lubrication
  • Seat belt checks
  • Electrical connector types
  • Electrical fault finding
  • Air conditioning compressor clutch check
  • Dust and pollen filter renewal

Vehicle-specific data:

  • Maintenance schedule
  • Jacking and lifting points
  • Wheel alignment settings
  • Coolant capacity and specifications
  • Lubricants and fluids capacities and specifications
  • Engine specifications
  • Emissions specifications
  • Torque wrench settings
  • Braking system specifications
  • Tyre sizes and pressures
  • Battery specifications
  • Brake system specifications
  • Warning lights and indicators
  • Fuse/relay locations and allocations

Vehicle-specific task descriptions:
Note that the contents will vary depending on the vehicle model - not all of the following information is provided for all vehicles.

  • Service indicator reset
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system reset
  • Remote control programming and battery replacement
  • Battery disconnection and reconnection
  • Brake bleeding
  • Timing belt/chain replacement
  • Ancillary drive belt replacement
  • Coolant renewal
  • Clutch renewal
  • CVT transmission fluid level check
  • Front bumper removal/installation
  • Door inner trim panel removal/installation

Vehicle-specific technical drawings:

  • Engine mounts
  • Front and rear brakes
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Steering
  • Seat belts
What is the refund policy on Haynes AutoFix?

Your full rights are explained in our terms & conditions which can be accessed here, please refer to section 9 of the terms and conditions for digital products .

For most products bought online you have a legal right to change your mind within 14 days and receive a refund. These rights, under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, are explained in more detail below.

How long do I have to change my mind? You have 14 days after the day we email you to confirm we accept your order, or, if earlier, until you start accessing the Online Product.

When you don't have the right to change your mind. You do not have a right to change your mind in respect of Online Products after you have started to access or use these.

Our refund policy is highlighted to you in several ways prior to purchase and before you begin using the product. For this reason, refunds will only be possible in exceptional cases once you have started to use the product.


Why do I need a Haynes AutoFix?

Haynes AutoFix takes a very different approach to providing vehicle repair information. The generic tutorials are thorough and have been written by our most experienced authors, but they do not relate to your specific vehicle. You will see pictures and videos of other vehicles by way of general explanation.

The data published in Haynes AutoFix is the same as is used by professional workshops. It is accurate and trustworthy, just as you would expect from Haynes.

Why is the original format manual no longer being produced?

Having produced paper manuals in their original format for 60 years, we have taken a commercial decision to cease publishing any new printed manuals. We continue to publish our extensive back catalogue of automotive and motorcycle manuals.

Haynes AutoFix covers almost 9 in 10 cars on the road, allowing us to provide repair content to many more motorists than was previously possible. It is an exciting new period for Haynes with an all-digital product that will benefit from continual updates and improvements.

Is Haynes AutoFix a subscription or a one-off purchase?

Once you have purchased AutoFix once, there are no renewals and no additional costs. Whenever content is added or the product is upgraded, you will receive the latest version of the product for your vehicle.