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Ford S-Max & Galaxy routine maintenance guide (2006 to 2016 diesel engines)
Wondering when to change the oil or what type to use in a 2006-2015 Ford S-Max or Galaxy? Perhaps you're trying to find out how often to change the fluids, what the service intervals are or...
What is a car's exhaust manifold (and what does it do)?
A car’s exhaust manifold is used to take the exhaust gases from the engine to the exhaust pipe beneath the car body.
Haynes unveils range of pocket manuals for kids
Haynes has unveiled a range of six new kid-friendly miniature manuals. Making the perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas or the ideal pocket money treat, the books cover a range of exciting topics...
How to decode your car's VIN
Every car has a VIN, which stands for Vehicle Identification Number, to make it unique. It’s that long, seemingly nonsensical collection of letters and numbers that makes sure your car can be...