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Deliveries & Returns

For our latest information, please read our Deliveries & Returns page which is being kept up to date with our latest information here

If you're looking for FAQs specifically related to AutoFix, please click here


Your Account

How do I create a Haynes account?

Follow the below steps to set up your personal Haynes account:

1. Click on 'Login', located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. (On mobile, click on the user account icon)
2. Select the 'Create new account tab'
3. Enter your details into the required fields
4. Once the form is complete, click 'Create new account' 

You will then be notified that you have successfully logged in with your Haynes account. 

Why do I need to create an account?

To order an Online Manual on our website or redeem an Online Manual access code, you will require a Haynes account.

You can purchase our Print Manuals with or without an account. However, the benefits of having a Haynes account are:

- You're able to view your order history
- Quicker ordering - You can store delivery information 

I tried to re-register but my email address already exists?

If you see the message 'The email address [your email address here] is already registered. Have you forgotten your password?' you will not be able to re-register with this email address.

Most likely, if you've made failed attempts to log in, the password stored is different from the one you're using to log in. If so, follow these steps...

1. Click 'Have you forgotten your password?' 
2. Select the 'Request new password' tab on the next page
3. Enter your email address and click on 'Email New Password'

A computer generated link will be emailed to you. Use this to log in to your Haynes account where you can change your password. (See the below question on how to change your password).

How do I change my password and/or my account details?

1. Log in to your My Haynes account.
2. Click on My Haynes, located in the top right-hand corner. (On mobile, click on your user account icon) 
3. Select 'My Haynes'
4. Select 'Click here to navigate to My Haynes.'
5. Choose either of the following from the list, located on the right side of the screen (On mobile, within the menu)
     - Change preferences
     - Change password
     - Change email address
     - Manage addresses

6. Fill in the relevant form and select 'Submit'

How do I change my Haynes email subscription preference?

1. Log in to your My Haynes account
2. Click on My Haynes, located in the top right-hand corner. (On mobile, click on your user account icon) 
3. Select 'Newsletter' from the list, located on the right side of the page. (On mobile, within the menu)
4. Select either 'Update my preferences' or 'Unsubscribe from newsletter' and amend your selection and follow the steps required to complete

I'm still having account issues, who should I contact?

If you're experiencing technical issues, please send an email to our team at who will be happy assist. 

All Manuals

Do you have a list of contents for a typical UK Car Manual?

The link below for an Online Manual demo will show you the typical contents of our Online and Print Car Manuals. 

Car Manual Content List - Example 

Do you have a list of contents for a Superbike Manual?

The link below for an Online Manual demo will show you the typical contents of our Online and Print Superbike Manuals. 

Superbike Manual Content List - Example 

Do you have a list of contents for a typical Scooter Manual?

The link below for an Online Manual demo will show you the typical contents of our Online and Print Scooter Manuals. 

Scooter Manual Content List - Example 

Will an American or Australian Haynes Manual cover my car?

Maybe. It entirely depends on the make and model. Manuals such as the American Mazda MX-5 and Miata, or the Australian Mitsubishi Pajero, provide good coverage of the equivalent European models. Others such as the Australian Ford Maverick have no relevance to the European model of the same name.

US MANUALS: PLEASE NOTE that these manuals are intended for petrol engine cars (except where diesel is specifically mentioned) built to US specifications. Whilst many of them are useful for the same make and model of car built for other markets, such vehicles may have different features, especially in areas concerned with safety and emission control. Please also note that these manuals have a soft (paperback) cover.

If in doubt, please contact our Technical Services team on

Will a Chilton or Clymer Manual cover my UK car?

Maybe. It entirely depends on the make and model. Please bear in mind Chilton Manuals cover petrol models only unless diesel is specified. 

If in doubt, please contact our Technical Services team on

I can't find a manual that covers my vehicle's engine size?

Engine size data may be published in several formats. For example, an engine commonly called a 1.6 may be of a slightly different capacity - say 1595cc. Similarly, a 1.4 may be 1398cc etc. 

If your vehicle's engine size has not been listed in a manual's details it means that it is not covered in a current Haynes manual.

Do your Car Manuals always cover petrol and diesel?

No. However we do cover petrol and diesel versions in one manual when possible. Sometimes the resulting book would be just too big, in which case we publish separate petrol and diesel titles. For certain model's, diesel sales are insignificant, in which case we do not cover them at all. Details of the engines covered in any particular UK manual appear on the product page that you see as part of the online ordering process. Please note that US manuals (including Chilton) cover petrol models only unless diesel is specified.

How can I identify a fault with my Car?

Finding and repairing problems with your car can cost time and money, but Haynes is here to speed up the diagnosis and save you serious cash. Use this link to access our Fault Finder where you can search for the issue that is being experienced.
View the Fault Finder

What languages do you publish your manuals in?

We publish a selection of manuals in Spanish (USA) and Swedish. The links below will allow you to view the manuals we have available on the website in these languages. 

View Swedish car manuals
View Swedish techbooks
View Spanish car manuals
View Spanish techbooks

If the manual you want to buy is in English we can supply a free technical translation dictionary in PDF format.

To obtain one please contact our Customer Services by telephone on +44 (0) 1206 256101, Monday to Friday between the hours of 08.30am and 5.30pm GMT.

Why can't I find a manual for my vehicle?

Two possible reasons: it is too new, or the model range has not sold sufficiently well. We don't normally produce manuals for vehicles less than 2 years old, because for the most part they are still under warranty and being serviced by dealers. And we can't consider doing a manual until there are enough of a particular model on the road for us to be sure of covering our costs.


Why can't I add an item to my basket?

If the item is out of stock an 'Out of stock' button is displayed and there is no 'Add to cart' button.

If no alert message is displayed and your browser cookie handling (a privacy setting) is set to 'block' your basket will always display zero items. As with most e-commerce sites the Haynes Online site needs cookies for many of its features. Please adjust your browser to accept cookies or to confirm acceptance of each new cookie. For more information on cookies please visit our Data Protection & Privacy Policy.

Are Haynes stopping printed Workshop Manuals?

We can confirm we’ve taken the commercial decision to cease publishing any new printed Workshop Manuals. However, we will continue to print and publish our extensive back catalogue of automotive and motorcycle titles.

In addition, we are currently in the process of creating an exciting and comprehensive new automotive maintenance and repair product that will cover around 95% of car makes and models – an increase of around 40% over our current Workshop Manual coverage. This will provide consumers with more choice than ever before. More details will be provided in due course.

Far from it being the end of the road for Haynes, the company is about to embark on an exciting new journey.

What are Classic Manuals?

Haynes Classic Manuals are the product of Haynes technicians performing a stripdown and rebuild of thousands of vehicles over decades in the world-renowned Haynes Workshops. Crafted from original material from the Haynes vaults, this manual was first printed more than 30 years ago and is now available exclusively as part of our Classic Manual category. The legendary mechanics and authors who created these titles may have since retired, but we have carefully maintained the original information so that you can purchase a brand-new edition for your classic or modern classic vehicle.

What is Print On Demand?

Haynes Print On Demand Manuals are the only way to get hold of a brand-new edition of genuine Haynes Manuals that have long been out of print. This manual has been made available again using cutting-edge digital scans of original artwork from archived editions of our famous Workshop Manuals. The legendary mechanics and authors who created these titles may have since retired, but thanks to print-on-demand technology you are now able to purchase a new copy of these highly sought-after rarities for your vehicle.

Online Manuals

What is an Online Manual?

A Haynes Online Manual is our most complete product to date and includes many extra features by comparison with a Printed Manual. All the pictures are in full colour and we’ve added video covering commonly tackled jobs. The Online Manual works on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer so it is available wherever you are. It is much simpler to use than a digital PDF-based book, with easy-to-use navigation tools that take you straight to your job. If you prefer to work off paper in the workshop, you can print as many sections of the manual as you like. And whenever we update a manual to include the latest information, you’ll receive that free of charge. 

When purchasing an Online Manual from it is yours to keep, just like a Printed manual is, but in an Online format.

If you have previously purchased an Online Manual that was a subscription, Haynes will offer you a special deal via email to renew to an Online Manual that is then yours to keep. 

Why am I unable to purchase an Online Manual?

Online Manuals are available to customers in the UK and EU. Please note though, that due to VAT regulations we are currently unable to sell Online Manuals to customers in the following countries: Albania, Belarus, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland or Turkey. 

How do I access my Online Manual?

As soon as you have purchased your Online Manual it is available for you to use. All you need is Internet access and follow these easy steps to access your purchase.

When you log into, you will automatically be taken to your subscriptions. Though please follow the below steps on how to navigate to your Online Manual from another page of the website:

1. Log in to your Haynes account
2. Click on My Account, located in the top right-hand corner. (On mobile, click on your user account icon) 
3. Once logged in, select 'Subscriptions' from the drop down menu under My Account, located on the top right side of the page. (On mobile, within the menu) 
4. Your purchase should now be visible and available to use

This makes it an ideal purchase when you need information immediately. Online Manuals are not downloads, but if you want to access the information where you don't have Internet access, you can print out a limited* number of pages from the manual.

*We consent for you to print only for your own reference, limited to 50 copies in any six months; limited to six copies in any week. You must not make any further copies.

What are the system requirements to access an Online Manual?

The Online Manuals information system is designed to be displayed on popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari). Our system is periodically updated for the best user experience, and you may find that older versions of these browsers do not function optimally. As an initial troubleshooting step, we suggest you update to the latest version of your browser.

Desktop Minimum Requirements
Windows 10 Edge:
1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) (Windows information here)
2 gigabytes (GB) of RAM
A high-speed internet connection (recommended minimum of 1.5 mb/s). Note that dial-up connections are not supported, and satellite connections are frequently a source of problems, as connection speeds can vary
Video playback may require additional memory and advanced graphics hardware

Mac: Chrome and Safari 

Mobile Minimum Requirements
IOS: Safari

Android: Gingerbread 2.3.3 and all later Android versions, Android Chrome 5


Why can't I view the full menu? (Tablet Chrome users)

Due to a problem Chrome has with calculating the screen-size of some tablets, the red buttons for scrolling up and down are only partially visible. However, the scroll functionality works normally, as you would normally scroll on a section page that you open.

Most other well known browsers have the buttons in display.

If Chrome is the only browser available on your tablet, you can use the normal scroll (by swiping the finger up or down on the screen). Otherwise we would recommend the Samsung browser on Android or Firefox.


Can orders be placed over the phone?

You can place an order for a print manual over the phone by contacting our Customer Services Team on 01963 442080 (between the hours of 9.30am – 5.30 pm Monday to Friday)

Will I be charged in my own currency?

Yes. Our Pounds Sterling (£) prices are automatically converted to the card account's native currency.


How can I contact one of your authors?

We do not provide third parties (this includes visitors to our website) with contact details for authors or illustrators. However, if you write to The Haynes Group and mark your letter or email for the attention of the person you would like to contact, we will be happy to pass it on.

Postal Address: Haynes Publishing, Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 7JJ, United Kingdom


Is the Haynes Motor Museum part of The Haynes Group?

Not directly. The Haynes Motor Museum at Sparkford was set up by John Haynes in 1985 as a Charitable Trust 'dedicated to restore, retain and preserve motoring and motorcycling items of historical and cultural interest in England'. The museum today is one of the world's most extensive collections of vintage, classic and exotic cars, motorcycles and motoring memorabilia. Check out the museum's web site or call +44 (0)1963 440804 for more information.

Do Haynes sell books outside the UK?

Yes we do. Haynes sell worldwide through this website, through our sister sites in the USA and Australia and through a network of suppliers in many different countries.

Please view our Delivery & Returns page for all delivery information. 

You can also purchase our manuals from one of our Haynes retailers. 

My question still hasn’t been answered, what should I do?

Please visit our Contact Haynes page. Please select the most appropriate email address for your type of enquiry and provide as much relevant information as possible.

Enquiries relating to cars and motorcycles, include the make, model, year, registration letters, engine size and fuel.
Enquiries relating to orders, include the order number and the email address used to place the order.

Website Queries

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a technology for managing the security of online message transmission. SSL encrypts or scrambles any information sent from your browser to the server you are connected to, making it impossible to intercept or tamper with the information on the way.

So how do you know that the site you are visiting uses SSL encryption to secure your details?
If you see the padlock in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser you know that SSL encryption is in place and that information being sent from this page is safe. The big problem is that you do not know who is on the other side receiving your information. The only way this can be verified is through an authenticated web server certificate. This site has this type of certificate, issued by Thawte.

Are visitors required to enable cookies?

They are and you will have been asked to approve their use when you first visit our website.
Cookies are an inherent part of the functionality of most e-commerce sites. Most browsers will provide you with the option of disabling all cookie use, accepting approved cookies (recommended), accepting all cookies, or alerting you every time a cookie is offered. If you block all cookies many interactive features on this site will be disabled.

For more detailed information on our use of cookies please download Haynes Cookies PDF.
For more information on cookies please visit our Data Protection & Privacy Policy.