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Haynes Foreign Rights and Co-Editions


The sale of Foreign Rights and Co-editions is one of the fastest growing areas of business within Haynes Publishing, one of the world's leading practical publishers on a growing range of subject areas. Our aim is to maximise rights income through the best possible representation of our authors' work.

To sell rights, we actively promote all our titles to foreign publishers through face-to-face contact, primarily at book fairs (London, Frankfurt and BEA), market visits and via regular rights newsletters sent via email to our database of publishers, the majority of which have a long and successful relationship with Haynes.

Overview of purchase process

Once a publisher decides to purchase rights to a title - We establish the size of the print run, proposed retail price, and negotiate terms. In most cases, we can also arrange to clear picture fees for a foreign edition (assuming these are applicable) which makes this process very easy and quick for our foreign publishers.

If a licensee wishes to make minor changes to tailor the book for a particular market, they may only do so after the author has confirmed his/her approval, however we endeavour to offer as much flexibility as possible to our foreign partners to ensure that their edition is adapted to local market requirements and trends.

For publishers requiring finished copies - Haynes can rapidly supply detailed quotations including all royalties, picture clearance fees, print and binding (to tie in with the print run for the UK and other foreign language editions), packing and shipping to our client's warehouse. Here again, flexibility is essential and we will try and adapt to a customer's requirements (for example soft cover instead of a jacketed cased book) wherever this is possible within the framework of the overall print run.

New editions - If a new UK edition is published, first right of refusal will go the foreign publisher of the earlier edition (assuming sales of the first edition have been satisfactory for both parties). In the case of a series we will usually offer subsequent titles to the same foreign publisher and will endeavour to adapt future titles to specific market requirements wherever possible - we very much value feedback and suggestions for future titles from all our overseas partners.

More information and contact

For further information, please contact Graham Cook, Rights Director.
Telephone: +44 1963 442028; fax: +44 1963 442036; email: Graham Cook is British Book Industry Awards Rights Professional of the Year 2010.