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Battery check Ford Ka 2009 - 2014 Petrol 1.2

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Ford Ka 2009 - 2014  | 1.2 Battery check

  • time 5 minutes
  • difficulty 1
Locate the battery
Check the Negative (-) terminal clamp is tight
Open the 'Positive' (+) protective cover
Check the Positive (+) terminal clamp is tight. CAUTION If using a spanner to tighten the terminal, be careful not to short the spanner on the bodywork
Check the battery is generally secure, and if loose, tighten the battery retainer
To tighten, a 13mm socket is needed. Not too tight as you may damage the battery casing. If you have to replace the battery, click below
- Close + Open

Battery removal & replacement

Battery disconnection

1 Depress the clip and disconnect the earth lead from the ‘false pole’ (see illustration) .
Depress the clip (arrowed) and lift the earth terminal (-) from the ‘false pole’
2 Depress the clip and disconnect the wiring plug from the battery monitor sensor (see illustration) .
Disconnect the wiring plug (arrowed) from the battery monitor sensor
3 Slacken the negative terminal clamp nut, rotate the clamp back and forth a little, to release it from the terminal post, and pull it upwards from place (see illustration) . Cover the terminal post, and position the clamp away from the battery to prevent accidental reconnection.
Slacken the negative terminal clamp nut (arrowed)


4 Disconnect the battery negative lead clamp as previously described.
5 Remove the plastic cover over the positive (+) terminal lead clamp, then disconnect the lead at the battery positive (+) terminal by slackening the retaining nut and removing the terminal clamp (see illustrations) .
Pull up the plastic cover…
…then slacken the positive (+) terminal clamp nut (arrowed)
6 Undo the retaining nut, and remove the battery securing strap (see illustration) .
Undo the battery retaining strap nut
7 Carefully lift the battery from its location and remove from the car. Make sure the battery is kept upright at all times.


Note: As a precaution, before refitting the battery check that all doors are unlocked.
8 Refitting is a reversal of removal, but smear petroleum jelly on the terminals after reconnecting the leads to reduce corrosion, and always reconnect the positive lead first, followed by the negative lead.

Battery tray

9 Remove the battery as described previously.
10 Pull the battery tray cover upwards from place (see illustration) . Note the drain tube.
Pull the battery tray cover upwards, noting the drain hose routing
11 Release the locking catches, and disconnect the wiring loom from the rear of the tray.
12 Where applicable, undo the bolt/nut securing the earth lead to the ECU.
13 Undo the retaining bolts/nut (see illustration) , lift up the battery tray and unclip any remaining cables. Manoeuvre the battery tray from place.
Battery tray retaining bolts/nut (arrowed)
14 Refitting is a reversal of removal.
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