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Reliant was founded in 1935 by two employees of the Raleigh company, which had decided in 1934 to stop building three-wheeled vehicles. T. L. Williams and E. S. Thomson disagreed, and built a three-wheeler in Williams’ garden. The pair expanded and moved to a factory in Fazeley in 1935. Post-war, the company continued to develop three-wheeled vehicles, and began to use glassfibre in place of aluminium for its car bodies. Reliant also branched out into sportscars, making the Scimitar GTE and convertible GTC. The company carried on building three-wheelers until 2001, and was the UK’s second-biggest British-owned car maker from the 1960s right up to the 1990s. At Haynes, we have a range of Reliant repair manuals and online procedures available for professional mechanics and DIY car enthusiasts alike. We can give you all the guidance you need.