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As with many car manufacturers, Rover began life as a bicycle maker. Company founder J. K. Starley is also largely credited for making the world’s first bicycle with two similarly sized wheels and chain drive. He died in 1901, and three years later Rover began to make cars. Sales were small, and the company struggled to turn a profit. Rover built aero engine and airframes during the Second World War, after which the company focused on gas-turbine power. The Land Rover of 1948 was a huge success, and Rover began to make some iconic machines, such as the P5. It became part of British Leyland in 1967. It was sold to BMW, which then sold it to a former executive. Soon after, the company ceased in a somewhat tawdry end. At Haynes, we have an extensive range of Peugeot repair manuals and online procedures available for professional mechanics and DIY car enthusiasts alike. We can give you all the guidance you need.