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Honda Motorcycle Motorcycle Workshop Manuals

Founded in 1946, Honda is Japan’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles since it started producing them in 1955. The company started exporting its motorcycles to the US in the 1960s and quickly became very successful in international markets. Nowadays, the company manufactures around half a million motorcycles per year and continues to sell its products worldwide.

Amongst Honda’s most popular models are the C90, CBR125R, and CBR1000RR. The latter is also known as the Fireblade and operates a 1,000 cc, four-cylinder engine. Older models, such as the C90, were staple motorcycles in post-war Japan after Soichiro Honda was inspired to make low cost vehicles for navigating a war torn country. At Haynes, we have an extensive selection of Honda motorcycle repair manuals available for a number of classic and recent models alike. Anyone looking to fully repair or service their Honda motorcycle can enjoy the wealth of practical advice and guidance that are provided by our Haynes manuals.