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5 motoring resolutions for 2018

5 motoring resolutions for 2018

Going to the gym, giving up the booze or promising yourself you’ll save money. All New Year’s resolutions that you know, in your heart of hearts, you won’t keep. It’s okay, we won’t either. We will, however, keep the five listed below. You see, because we’re Haynes and we like cars, we’ve come up with five motoring resolutions that any self-respecting motorist should adhere to.

01 Work on your car yourself

We’ve touched on this before, and it’s an important one. Don’t take your car to the garage at the first sign of a fault. The chances are it’s something you can remedy, or at least diagnose yourself. If you’re new to the tools, get someone to give you a hand, or study one of our manuals and then get stuck in. There’s an enormous amount of pride that comes with fixing your own car. It’s a better high than all those gym endorphins, that’s for sure!

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02 Go for a drive for the sake driving

We often forget that driving is a privilege, not a right. And when we forget that, we also forget how much fun it is to get out there and aimlessly take on the open road. And it doesn’t matter whether you own a Micra or a Maserati, any car can be fun. So get out there, enjoy your car, and enjoy the freedom it gives you.

03 Rent a classic

There is no shortage of classic car hire companies out there that will happily (for a fee) give you the keys to a motoring icon. If you’ve ever wanted to get behind the wheel of an MG, or an E Type, or even a Gene ‘fire up the Quattro’ Hunt Audi, you can. Make 2018 the year in which you get that big tick on your automotive bucket list!

04 Organise your tools

Being more organised is always one that ends up on the resolution list, but it rarely gets extended to tools. And that’s wrong, because there is nothing more therapeutic than the art of organising tools. Plus, it might give an excuse to buy some more, and of course it means everything will be to hand when the time comes for you to use them. Much better than rummaging around in mess for that illusive 10mm socket.

05 Detail your car

There’s cleaning a car, then there’s detailing a car. Detailing is the art of breathing life into your paint, extracting dirt for every crevice, revitalising tyres and trim. It’s not easy to do right, and you’ll need to buy some products, but once you get into it, it’ll be a world you can’t live without. You’ll become an addict for deep lustre in your paint and a healthy shine to your dash top. Plus, it’ll help the car last longer, talk about a win/win!