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Air filter change Peugeot 308 2007 - 2012 | Haynes Manuals


Peugeot 308

2007 - 2012
15 minutes
The air filter is at the rear of the engine, it is difficult to access. Do not undertake unless you are mechanically competent
Start by removing the engine cover
Undo two retaining bolts on the brake fluid reservoir - use a Torx-20 socket
Move reservoir sideways to access the air intake
Undo circular clip on the air intake - use a 7mm socket or a screwdriver to do this
Undo the second circular clip on the air intake
Now release the air intake
Undo the MAF sensor plug
Remove rubber sealing strip
Release the plastic retaining clips that hold the engine insulation - use a screwdriver - relocate insulation if required to gain access to air filter
Undo the three 4mm Allen key retaining fixings
Remove both wiper blade arms - use a 16mm spanner
Remove the plastic moulding
Undo two retaining bolts on this crossbar - use a 10mm spanner
Remove the crossbar
View of the air filter cover
Carefully lift away the air filter box
Air filter in position
Lift out the air filter - check condition
Clean off any debris on the surface of the filter. Replace with a new filter if heavily contaminated
Reassemble air filter, housing and ancillary parts

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