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Air filter change Renault Kangoo 1999 - 2003 | Haynes Manuals

Renault Kangoo 1999-2003 Image

Renault Kangoo

1999 - 2003
15 minutes
The air is filter located underneath the engine cover, using both hands, pop off the engine cover and place to one side
Undo the MAF sensor plug
Undo the temp sensor plug
Undo the circular clip on the air intake, using a 7mm socket
Carefully lift away the air filter housing
Place on a clean flat surface
Undo the four Torx-27 retaining fixings
Carefully open the air filter box
View of the air filter cover
Air filter in position
Lift out the air filter
Clean off any debris on the surface of the filter. Replace with new filter if heavily contaminated
Check air filter box for debris. Clean if required. Replace air filter
Reassemble air filter housing and replace engine cover

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