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Best Video Submission 2020

The Haynes Repair Show 2020

The winner of Best Video Submission for 2020 is Euan Ryan.

He said: "I've recently been restoring and upgrading a 1980 Yamaha XS250. I installed a new engine that ran great until all of a sudden the top end of the engine started rattling and knocking very badly! I was so disappointed as the bike had just passed its last ever MOT (being 40 years old) and I was really hoping to take my finished project for a ride at last! had never opened up the top end of an engine before so I purchased a Haynes manual for the bike. It explained in great detail the process of removing the engine top end. I found the issue very quickly (A detached cam chain tensioner) and I was able to fix it, then reassemble the engine.

"The manual helped me set my engine timings and valve clearances as well as being a great reference for measurements and tolerances. The engine now runs fantastically and I'm looking forward to finally getting my project out for a walk earned shake-down! Thanks, Haynes manuals, you really are the best service manuals a mechanic could ask for!"

Euan wins a £200 Amazon gift card. Click below to watch his video.

Runners-up were: Tony Poulton, Gareth Thompson and Olly Paisey.

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