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British Infantryman Operations Manual now on sale!

how many infantrymen are in the army

Haynes’ latest Operations Manual celebrates the foot soldier - also known as the infantryman - during World War 2. Written by Simon Forty, it'll make a brilliant addition to your history collection!

what does infantryman mean

Traditionally, infantry has made up a big proportion of most nations' armed forces. British soldiers from 1939 to 1945, with their old-fashioned helmets, spring-powered PIAT anti-tank guns and veneration of heroic defeats, may have lost the propaganda war, but their record speaks for itself: they may have started badly in France in 1940 and the Far East in 1941, but they were victorious in the North African desert, in Europe and in India and Burma where the ‘Forgotten Army’ first held the Japanese and then inflicted at Imphal and Kohima the greatest loss to the Japanese on land.

They held back the might of the Panzers in Normandy in 1944, chased the Germans back into Holland and came within a whisker at Arnhem of circumventing the Siegfried Line, and won battle after battle against a fanatical defence on their way to final victory.

This book looks in detail at the weapons, uniform, accoutrements, equipment and tactics of the Second World War British infantryman, following the themes of the Haynes Great War British Tommy and German Infantryman Manuals.

With a RRP of £25, British Infantryman is the perfect gift idea for anyone with a passing interest in military history.