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Car Hacks makes motoring life easier

Car hacks tennis ball parking garage

Looking for a car hack for cleaning your car, for winter driving or for road trips? Car Hacks explains how to use the things you have around your home to improve your car life, and boost your well-being in the process.

Car hacks are small changes you can make to your car and its environment to improve your motoring life.

From minor modifications to using clever solutions to upgrade your vehicle, car hacks allow everyone – even those with no mechanical knowledge – to upskill their vehicle with minimal time, effort and money. Get the latest gadgets in your car without shelling out on new ones, make long journeys less painful and ensure the kids are entertained – we’ll show you how.

From ensuring you never lose a screw when repairing your car, to spending less on fuel, and using cereal boxes to stop cleaning your car so often, this book will open your eyes to the joys of car hacking.


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The Car Hacks manual features a multitude of:

  • Interior hacks
  • Exterior hacks
  • Garage hacks
  • Travel hacks
  • Storage hacks
  • Cleaning hacks
  • Modernising hack