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How to replace the rear shock absorbers on a Volkswagen Caddy (2004-2015)

Do you need to replace the rear struts on your 2004 to 2015 Volkswagen Caddy 1.6 TDi, 1.9 TDi or 2.0 TDi but don't know where to start? This video tutorial shows you step-by-step how to do it!

The video was filmed in our workshop where we strip down and rebuild every car when producing our best-selling car repair manuals. Our 2004 to 2015 Volkswagen Caddy covers 04 to 65 plates and is available in the traditional printed book, or you can get the online manual version which comes with 20 more videos just like this one!

You can find both versions of the manual here!

How to remove a rear shock absorber from a Volkswagen Caddy

Note: All self-locking nuts and bolts disturbed on removal must be renewed as a matter of course

  1. Before removing the shock absorber, an idea of how effective it is can be gained by depressing the rear corner of the car. If the shock absorber is in good condition, the body should rise then settle in its normal position. If the body oscillates more than this, the shock absorber is defective. Note: To ensure even rear suspension, both rear shock absorbers should be renewed at the same time
  2. Chock the front wheels, then jack up the rear of the vehicle and support on axle stands. Remove the relevant rear wheel
  3. Position a trolley jack and block of wood beneath the rear axle and raise the axle so that the shock absorber is slightly compressed
  4. Unscrew the lower mounting bolt, then unscrew the upper mounting bolts and withdraw the shock absorber
  5. If necessary, the action of the shock absorber can be checked by mounting it upright in a vice. Fully depress the rod, and then pull it up fully. The piston rod must move smoothly over its complete length

How to refit a rear shock absorber to a Volkswagen Caddy

  1. Locate the shock absorber in the rear wheel arch, then insert the upper mounting bolts and tighten to the torque shown below
  2. Extend the shock absorber if necessary, and insert the lower mounting bolt loosely
  3. Raise the rear axle until the rear suspension is set to the correct ride-height (427-457mm) and then fully tighten the shock absorber lower mounting bolt
  4. Refit the wheel and lower the vehicle to the ground

Torque wrench settings - Nm, lbf, ft

ABS speed sensor    8    6

Anti-roll bar bracket to axle    60    44

Anti-roll bar drop link nut *    65    48

Anti-roll bar drop link upper bolt: *        
  Stage 1    60    44
  Stage 2    Angle-tighten a further 90º    

Bump stop bolt    55    41

Hub to stub axle bolt: *        
  Stage 1    180    133
  Stage 2    Angle-tighten a further 180º    

Leaf spring:        
  Rear shackle bolts*    60    44
  Front pivot nut/bolt*    100    74
  U bolt nuts: *        
    Stage 1    60    44
    Stage 2    Angle-tighten a further 90º    

Shock absorber:        

Upper nut/bolt*        
    Stage 1    100    74
    Stage 2    Angle-tighten a further 90º    

Lower nut/bolt*:        
    Stage 1    75    55
    Stage 2    Angle-tighten a further 90º    

Splash shield to wheel bearing housing    9    6

Stub axle (up to model year 2008 only)*        
  Stage 1    75    55
  Stage 2    Angle-tighten a further 90º    

*Always replace the nuts/bolts