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How to use AutoFix from Haynes

what is autofix

AutoFix from Haynes is an all-new, advanced electronics and servicing product and this video explains exactly how to use each section of its suite of tools.

The Haynes Manual has inspired and helped DIY repairers for more than 60 years (you may already be a proud owner of one!) but today’s modern vehicles come with new challenges that can only be tackled by a digital product.

That's where AutoFix comes in. With make and model coverage of around 90% of cars, AutoFix takes the help you get from Haynes to a new level. And at an introductory price of £25, AutoFix can be accessed via your favourite digital device – phone, tablet or desktop – and, as with Haynes online manuals, you get to keep your purchase for as long as you need it.

No deadlines, no pressure to get that job finished before time runs out, no stress.

Tap below to find out how to use AutoFix