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Timelapse: build a fully functional, miniature motorised V-Twin motorcycle engine

Timelapse: build your own miniature V-Twin engine

Haynes is one of the most recognised publishing and specialist automotive brands in the world thanks to our famous repair manuals.

As the world’s leading publisher of car and motorcycle manuals, Haynes has become an instantly recognisable, classic British brand with worldwide distribution.

Part of what drives our brand is our strong network of official licensees, who share in our do-it-yourself ethos. It’s these meetings of the minds that help us reach new audiences from all walks of life. 

Haynes is also all about quality and technical ability, and this is reflected in the range of Haynes Build Your Own Engine Kits from our partner, Trends UK. 

In the time-lapse video below we show you how to build a fully functional, motorised model of a V-Twin motorcycle engine using the Trends UK kit. The model features sound recorded from a real engine, plated exhausts, air filter cover and engine side covers to give the finished model a customized look.

The see-through cylinders and illuminating spark plugs allow you to see how each part of the engine works. The model contains more than 75 pieces, and it even comes with a handy Haynes style manual giving you step by step instructions as well as interesting information about V-Twin engines.

These are comprehensive but manageable kits that allow you to get hands-on and build up detailed replica working engines. It’s fun for adults, as you can see from the timelapse we shot ourselves in the Haynes office, but they’re also great learning tools for kids.

You can get your hands on one of these kits today from Argos and Amazon, and other leading retailers. And check out Trends UK's full range of Haynes Build Your Own Engine Kits on their website!