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YouTube highlights from Edd China, Samcrac and Bike World!

Edd China YouTube

YouTube is a fantastic source of entertainment and a great source of information. Indeed, we’ve got our very own Haynes YouTube channel, which is packed with hints, tips and step-by-step videos to help you maintain and repair your own vehicles.

Check it out and subscribe here, and make sure you hit the bell icon so that you know the moment we upload new content, such as the 'short', below, on head gasket sealers.

Edd China

Fixing a rusty fuel tank

How do you treat rusty tools and car parts? As Edd explains in this video, part of his Range Rover restoration series, your options essentially boil down to using a rust converter or a rust remover. 

First, he sets up a test to show us how a variety of different products perform, before choosing the winner and setting to work on removing the rust from the outside - and inside of the petrol tank.

Sorting the exterior is the easy bit, and it doesn't take long to 'kill' the rust before it's ready to be primed and painted. The interior is more of a marathon, though, because the corrosion is more extensive and the rust removal liquid needs time and movement to do its job. We’re not sure about you, but by the end of the video we were starting to favour paying the £140 Edd mentions for a replacement tank!


I Bought a $1,500 Mercedes with a Mysterious Engine Issue & Fixed it for $170!

Do you remember the Merc R-Class? This six-seat luxury MPV was a behemoth and a real oddity. Samcrac snapped one up at auction for a mere $1500, although it came with a potentially big engine issue.

Initial investigations point to a couple of dodgy ignition coils, but when those fail to fix the issue Samcrac finds a fault code that points him in the right direction – and proves that taking a gamble on an older luxury car can sometimes pay off!

Fast-forward to 6min 25sec to skip the sponsored content.

Bike World

Write-Off Re-Builds

Bike World has bought a written-off BMW S1000RR for £3000. The aim is to make it road- (and track-) worthy again. It starts and runs, so the first step is to identify the damaged body parts and work out what can be repaired, what needs to be replaced and then to see if the frame needs to be realigned.

This is the first video in the series and makes for fascinating – if a little daunting – viewing.