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YouTube highlights: Land Rover glitches, a broken Audi, and stripping down a motorcycle

Tasty Classics

We’re big fans of YouTube here at Haynes. Not only is it a fantastic source of entertainment, it’s also a great source of information. Indeed, we’ve got our very own YouTube channel, which is packed with hints, tips and step-by-step video to help you maintain and repair your own vehicles.

Check it out and subscribe here, and make sure you hit the bell icon so that you know the moment we upload new content.

These days, cars tend to give you plenty of warning if they plan to have a hissy fit. These warnings usually come in the form of a warning light and a message on the dashboard, but you’ll need to plug in a fault code reader to find out the precise source of the problem. So, what happens if your car throws up a P0300 error code? Haynes explains what it is, and how to fix it.

Tasty Classics

Ben loves taking apart broken old cars and making them run properly again, but as he says in his video introductions, he’s not a mechanic. Ben also runs a Land Rover Discovery as his main towing vehicle, and is well aware that the brand’s cars are known for suffering the odd glitch.

So, as you can hear at 11mins and 5secs into his Discovery video, he consulted the experts at Haynes! Hope we were able to provide the knowledge you needed Ben.

Mat Armstrong

Mat Armstrong is well known for buying unusual and often badly damaged cars, and bringing them back from the brink. And one of the cars he managed it with was an Audi RS6, which he rebuilt and tuned before shipping it over to the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

At which point the engine seized. Badly. Mat was forced to trailer his car into the show, so while it looked great, it wouldn’t run. After the show, the car is shipped to Florida and the investigation began…


Motorcycles are cool, no question. Well, they are when they’re in one piece. But have you ever wanted to know what a motorbike looks like when reduced to its constituent parts? Well, motorcycle geek FortNine shows you in his Seven-Minute Teardown video

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