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The Royal Family

The Royal Family
The Royal Family
The Royal Family
The Royal Family

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The Royal Family of the United Kingdom is one of the most instantly recognized institutions in the world. Since the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, was crowned in 1952 it has undergone a huge amount of cultural and social change, but over the course of many decades the Royal Family has continued to play an important role in British society.

This book, written by royal expert and correspondent Robert Jobson offers a complete examination of a very British institution, looking behind the scenes at the current heirs of a kingdom that has been ruled nearly uninterruptedly by a monarch since 774AD. Chapters include explanations of the Windsor bloodline, family tree and personalities, their royal residences, palaces and country retreats, military connections, charity work, and annual engagements. Also examined are the royal finances, including facts and statistics on personal incomes, state salaries and business interests. Births, marriages and deaths are also covered, as well as state ceremonies such as the opening of parliament, trooping the colours and the elaborate hosting of foreign dignitaries.

The book also includes fascinating behind the scenes details on staff, domestic rituals, personalities, pets, family gatherings and other inside information.

Author: Robert Jobson is a journalist, author and broadcaster who has reported on the Royal Family since 1991 as correspondent for UK national newspapers, US TV network ABC News and Australia’s breakfast show Sunrise. Robert has written several books on the British royals, including the best-selling ‘Diana: Closely Guarded Secret’, ‘Guarding Diana’ and the recently well-received ‘Charles at Seventy’.

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