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5 quick DIY wedding hacks

5 quick DIY wedding hacks

When it comes to weddings it is no great secret the big day can often come with a big price tag. Couples often look to DIY weddings in order to keep costs down while still celebrating in style.

If you’re planning on Doing It Yourself for your special day, Laura Strutt, author of our DIY Weddings Manual and blogger at Made Peachy, offers five wedding hacks that will help you on your journey through wedding planning. 

01 Let your personality shine

While costs and budget are usually at the top of the list of reasons to DIY your wedding, remember that this is the perfect opportunity to add your very own personal touch to you celebrations. 

Incorporate your love for old movies, your husband-to-be’s favourite novel, the sports team you support- to inspire your colours, theme or even the dress code for your day!

02 Time is of the essence

It’s called wedding planning for a reason, it’s not called wedding “frantic-do-everything-all-at-once because you lots track of time. 

With so many tasks to undertake for a DIY wedding it can be tempting to get stuck into them all at once. 

This is a short cut to going crazy! Draw out a schedule of the elements that you want to DIY in the run up to your big day, this will help you to assess the time (and energy) that you will need to dedicate to each one. 

Stagger the projects and work on the more pressing, time sensitive ones first. 

03 Recruit, outsource and get all hands on deck

The phrase DIY is a little of a misnomer, and many brides-to-be take this literally that they must do everything all by themselves. 

But now is the best time to recruit friends, family and members of the wedding party with super skills that can assist with the different elements for you wedding. 

Not only will it take the pressure off you, but it will also make the day more special - imagine your pride when you guests tuck into the delicious wedding cake that your sister baked especially for your wedding?

04 Call in the experts

The art of a successful DIY wedding is getting the careful balance between using your own skills - and those of your nearest and dearest - and carefully selecting experts and specialist suppliers to take on elements that will combine to really make your day one to remember! 

Check out Etsy and Folksy for fantastic handmade items that could make the perfect additions to your wedding. 

05 Have fun

The wedding day is often described as “the best day of your life’ and in many respects that is very true. 

It is also important to remember that this is one day, so why not maximise on the happiness by making the most of the process of planning and creating your own custom wedding day together as a couple?

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