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Air filter change Rover Mini 1969 - 2001 | Haynes Manuals


Rover Mini

1969 - 2001
5 to 45 minutes

Carburettor models

1 On models with an air intake duct over the top of the engine, unscrew the two nuts securing the duct to the rocker cover studs. Release the clip and disconnect the duct from the air cleaner body.
2 Undo and remove the single wing nut and washer on early models, or the twin wing bolts and washers on later models, securing the air cleaner to the carburettor
3 If the air cleaner is retained by a single wing nut lift off the air cleaner top cover. Detach the rocker cover hose, then lift the air cleaner body off the carburettor, tip it up at the front and slide it sideways until it is clear of the long retaining stud and can be lifted away. Recover the sealing ring.
4 If the air cleaner is retained by two wing nuts, detach the hot air duct (where fitted) and then lift the air cleaner body off the carburettor.
5 With the air cleaner removed from the engine, recover the rubber sealing ring if it stayed behind on the carburettor flange.
6 Lift off the air cleaner cover and withdraw the paper element. On the later type moulded plastic air cleaners the cover is removed by prising it off with a screwdriver inserted in the slots on the periphery of the cover (see illustrations) .
Prise off the later type air cleaner moulded plastic cover . . .
. . . and lift out the element
7 Thoroughly clean the inside of the air cleaner body.
8 Refit the air cleaner and element using a reverse of the removal procedure. Make sure that where an alignment arrow is stamped on the top cover, it is pointing toward the location lug on the air cleaner body (see illustration) . Ensure also that the rubber sealing ring is in position before refitting the air cleaner.
Make sure the alignment arrow is toward the lug on the air cleaner body
9 If the air cleaner body incorporates an adjustable air intake spout, this should be positioned adjacent to the exhaust manifold in winter and away from it in summer.

Cooper S

10 Undo and remove the two wing bolts and washers and lift off the air cleaner top cover. Lift out the paper elements and thoroughly clean the inside of the air cleaner body.
11 The air cleaner body may be removed if necessary after disconnecting the engine breather pipe and the throttle return spring. Take care not to lose the two rubber sealing washers from the carburettor flanges.
12 Refitting the air cleaner and elements is the reverse of the removal procedure.

Fuel injection models

13 Release the four retaining clips, then slacken and remove the three screws securing the air cleaner assembly to the throttle body, and lift off the air cleaner lid. Remove the filter element (see illustrations) .
On fuel injection models, release the clips (three arrowed) and remove the screws
Lift off the lid and remove the element
14 Wipe the body of the air cleaner clean, then fit the new element, ensuring that it is correctly seated.
15 Refit the air cleaner lid, and secure it in position with the retaining screws (tightening them securely) and clips.

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