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Audi TT Mk2 common problems (2006-2014)

Audi TT

The launch of the Audi TT was one of those ‘everything stops’ moments in the automotive world. It looked so different, so cool. Buyers loved it. So Audi stuck with the formula for the second-generation car, which also incorporated more tech and had even more performance.

It incorporated the TFSI fuel-injection tech developed on the company’s Le Mans cars, and was also the first TT to feature a TDI turbodiesel engine. It had a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, but an automatic DSG transmission was optional, and proved popular. And while some models were front-wheel drive, others had Audi’s quattro four-wheel-drive system.

The TT Mk2 used mostly well-proven tech, but nevertheless is prone to the odd hiccup here and there, which is where the Haynes TT Autofix product can assist. Just download the one for the TT and we’ll be there to guide you through common problems and how to fix them.

Audi TT

What recalls has the Audi TT been subject to?

Faulty interior trim caused a recall of some early TT models, because in a crash it could protrude into the cabin, with the potential to cause injury.

The twin-clutch transmission caused a recall, because a false temperature reading could cause loss of drive. The software was updated.

Some high-performance RS models were recalled because of faulty brake servo vacuum pipes.

Late in the car’s life it was recalled because the fuel tank could be damaged in an accident.

However, that’s it as far as recalls are concerned.

Audi TT

What common problems does the Audi TT Mk2 have?

An Audi TT is designed to be driven, and driven enthusiastically, but it can suffer the odd glitch that you’ll need to sort out.

For example, some front-wheel-drive models fitted with a manual gearbox can suffer a problem that manifests itself as a humming from underneath the vehicle when you’re cornering.

And all TT models can fall victim to a blower motor that decides to work only when it feels like it.

One of the TT’s selling points is its performance, but sometimes that pace can feel blunted, and it tends to happen when the fuel tank is reading less than a quarter.

And yes, things start to creak as you get older, and the same is true of the Audi TT, which can suffer creaky steering when you’re manoeuvring.

Finally, diesel-engined TT models can suffer a drop in oil pressure, which would be a concern.

Audi TT

Does the Audi TT have a noisy manual transmission?

The Audi TT is a car designed to be enjoyed on a switchback road. Left, right, left, left, right – it makes twisty roads a hoot.

However, a noise from underneath every time you go round a corner is going to dilute the enjoyment somewhat.

The problem tends to be gearbox oil that’s become degraded, and the fix is a pretty easy one – simply change the oil.

This is a pretty simple task that’s meat and drink to the home mechanic, and it’s even easier when you have your Haynes TT Autofix to guide you through the steps.

Audi TT

Does the Audi TT have blower motor issues?

There you are, enjoying cruising around in your TT when suddenly the windows start to steam up. Not ideal. Turn up the fan. Nope, nothing happening.

But five minutes later the blower motor springs into life like nothing’s wrong. Frustrating.

First, you’ll need to plug in a fault-code reader. If it displays the code 1273, then the blower motor itself is faulty and needs to be replaced. The new blower’s part number is: 3C0.907.521.G.

After that, fire up your Haynes TT Autofix and let it guide you through the steps of how to remove the old motor and fit the new one. You’ll have clear windows before you know it.

Audi TT

Why is your Audi TT Mk2 performing poorly?

Part of the joy of owning a second-generation Audi TT is the fact that when you put your foot down it really does go. And acceleration off the line is helped if you have a four-wheel-drive version.

However, sometimes the TT can feel a touch lackadaisical in the way it goes about its business. And this issue tends to happen if the fuel gauge is showing less than a quarter of a tank.

The problem is that over time, contaminants can build up in the fuel pump, meaning it simply can’t deliver the amount of fuel demanded by the engine.

The fix involves safely draining the fuel from the tank, then cleaning it out. After that, you’ll need to replace the fuel pump with a new one, so open up your Haynes TT Autofix and look up the replacement procedure. It’ll be easier than you think.

Audi TT

Where’s the creaking noise coming from on your Audi TT?

A number of owners of the Audi TT Mk2 have reported a creaking noise from somewhere ahead of them as they manoeuvre their vehicles at low speed, such as when parking.

Frustratingly, the noise disappears when you raise the front of the car and turn the steering.

The problem is generated from the area where the shock absorber bump stop meets the strut dust cover.

The repair simply involves raising the vehicle and greasing the shock absorber bump stop. Once you’ve done both side, silent manoeuvring will be the norm once more.

Audi TT

Why has your Audi TT oil pressure suddenly dropped?

If something is going to get your heart racing, it’s the sight of an oil pressure warning. The accompanying ‘alert chime can sound like a death knell for your TT’s diesel engine.

But the problem likely isn’t too serious, although you need to stop, check the oil level and get the issue sorted right away.

Thankfully, there’s a very good chance that the worrying dashboard lights don’t’ signify anything major happening to your engine’s internals. A faulty oil filter cover or faulty oil filter housing are the likely cause, and these will be allowing oil to leak out, as well as allowing the drop in pressure.

The fix is straightforward though – you have to get rid of the old cover and housing and fit new ones. We’d advise that you change the oil at the same time.

Your Haynes TT Autofix will be able to help you through the various steps, and you’ll soon be back on the road, feeling fully pressurised.

Audi TT

Why is your Audi TT humming?

Okay, if your Audi TT I humming along nicely, you’re quite happy. But you don’t want it to actually be humming – that’s a bad thing for sure.

But it’s something that owners of the TT sometimes face. It afflicts models fitted with the 2.0-litre TFSi engine, and signifies that the car is suffering from air in the coolant circuit.

The first stage of the solution is o bleed the cooling system, and to get rid of the humming sound you may have to repeat the process several times.

However, if the noise simply won’t go, the problem is likely to lie with the coolant pump, which you’ll need to replace.

As ever, we’re there before you, and have carried out the procedure for the Haynes TT manual, so don’t delay. Your TT will thank you. Quietly.

Audi TT