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Common problems with water pumps (and how to make them last)

Common problems with water pumps (and how to make them last)

Dan is an experienced motoring journalist who has more than 20 years of experience. He has been the editor of titles such as Fast Ford and Redline, and his latest project was converting an old Renault Trafic into a family campervan.

While water pumps are generally very reliable in their operation, they can and do leak. This can be due to where the pump joins to the engine block – the gasket can deteriorate and leak, or the actual impeller/bearing can begin to leak over time. 

The impellers inside the pump can also fail. On some cars they're made of plastic, or cheap metal, and can suffer from the fins breaking off, or even corroding. 

The tell tale signs are a water leak, and ultimately overheating.

What tools do I need to replace a water pump?

Depending on the vehicle, removing a water pump can be an involved process, particularly if you have to remove other components to access it. So a good tool kit is a must. 

There are unlikely to be any specialist tools needed, but you ideally need to be a competent DIYer. 

How to extend the life of a water pump

As with most components, correct maintenance and servicing can extend the life of the water pump. 

Always use the manufacturer's recommended coolant, adhere to the coolant service schedule, and flush the system whenever you change the fluid. 

Incorrect coolant, or too higher a percentage of water can cause internal corrosion, which can damage metal components such as the impeller, or even erode pump housing and engine block. 

How long should a water pump last?

There's no reason why a water pump shouldn't last for the life of the car. If you follow the correct service intervals it should last for many years without issue. 

Check to see if your model is known for early pump failure however – as the results can end up being very costly if the engine overheats. 

Discover how to replace the water pump and more on your car!

How much does it cost to fix a water pump yourself?

Factoring in the cost of the water pump (£50-£150), coolant (£20-40) and gasket (£5-10) it's not the cheapest of jobs, but would be substantially cheaper than getting the work carried out at a garage.