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Opening the bonnet Porsche Boxster 1999 - 2009 | Haynes Manuals

Porsche Boxster 1999-2009 Image

Porsche Boxster

1999 - 2009
15 minutes
You will find the bonnet lever here
Find and then release the safety latch and open the bonnet. Use the bonnet stay
When undertaking an interim service, you will need to access the engine. Open electric roof to this position (see your car's handbook) - use the strap to safely lock the fabric roof section as shown here
Undo the four retaining pins set into the interior panel
Remove the pins, put these in a safe place
With the rear bonnet open, remove the interior panel. Place safely away from the vehicle
Undo the 5 retaining clips on the engine cover
Now you can remove the engine cover to gain access to the engine compartment
To access the engine levels you will also need to open the rear boot bonnet

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