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Peugeot Boxer Mk3 common problems (2006-)

Peugeot Boxer III

The name Peugeot Boxer immediately gives the French company’s van something to live up to. After all, you’re not going to give it much credence if it falls over at the first sign of a tough task.

But that isn’t the case. The Boxer III is known for being robust, reliable, practical and cheap to run, which is pretty much all you want in a commercial vehicle.

That’s why it’s been so successful, alongside its sister vans the Citroen Relay and Fiat Ducato. The Fiat in particular has also been staple of the leisure market, because it’s used extensively as the basis for motorhomes.

So, popular, yes, perfect? No. The third-generation Peugeot Boxer suffers from a few common problems, as does pretty much every vehicle. But the key to making life with a working vehicle a success is to sort it as quickly and cheaply as possible, which is where Haynes can help. Our online Peugeot Boxer Autofix product can help you identify the most common issues, and will give you a guide on how to repair many niggles. So, go on – pay for it just the once and it’ll be there on your smartphone or tablet every time you need it to be.

Peugeot Boxer III
Peugeot Boxer

What recalls has the Peugeot Boxer been subject to?

A small number of Peugeot Boxer models was recalled because they had been fitted with flexible brake hoses of an incorrect specification at the factory. These had to be swapped.

Faulty indicator side repeaters caused another small recall, as did faulty welding on the handbrake mechanism.

Then 3594 examples were recalled to have their steering systems lubricated, to avoid the common problem of the steering becoming stiff.

Dodgy stub axles forced another recall, because they could break and cause a crash.

An instrument display that could switch off of its own accord forced 8915 Boxer III models back to dealerships, and faulty fuel injectors were the sources of a recall of 1475 examples.

Then 41,911 Boxers were recalled because brake pipe fixings were not to specification.

Peugeot Boxer III

What common problems does the Peugeot Boxer have?

The third-generation Peugeot Boxer is known to suffer a problem that causes the brake fluid level warning light to illuminate.

And if you use your Peugeot Boxer Mk3 for deliveries, then you’re going to be less than pleased if the engine starts to stutter and stumble when you put your foot down.

Worse than that, the engine oil warning light can suddenly appear on your Boxer dash, and can signify the demise of the oil pump.

And the windscreen wipers can cease operations with no warning, which always happens at an inopportune moment.

Finally, what if your Peugeot Boxer won’t fire up? The resolution could be quite simple.

Peugeot Boxer III

Why is your Peugeot Boxer Mk3 brake fluid warning light on?

Driving along in your Peugeot Boxer then glancing down and seeing a brake warning light aglow in the dash is going to add a certain frisson to any journey. Even more so if you happen to be at the top of a hill at the time.

First job is to stop where you can do so safely and check the level of the brake fluid in the reservoir. If this is low, then you need to top it up right away, and investigate the source of the leak.

However, if the fluid level is fine, then there’s a good chance that you have a faulty brake fluid level sensor.

After that, it’s a case of driving to your nearest motor factor and purchasing a replacement sensor, then following the relevant procedure to replace it. This is where the Haynes Boxer Autofix will be able to guide you along the way.

Peugeot Boxer III

Is your Peugeot Boxer Mk3 engine stuttering?

Vans such as the Peugeot Boxer tend to do hard miles, by which we mean they do a lot of accelerating and braking as they dash between pick-ups and drop-offs. So, it must be doubly annoying if your Boxer develops an issue that causes the engine to cough and splutter every time you press the accelerator pedal.

If this happens the first thing to do is to plug in a fault-code reader. If this displays the code P0094 then the issue lies within the fuel system, and is indicative of a leak.

However, if you then check the system and find that there’s no leak anywhere, you can conclude that the fuel rail pressure sensor is at fault.

The good news is that this is quite simple to replace, so just follow the guidelines in the Haynes Boxer Autofix.

Peugeot Boxer III

Has your Peugeot Boxer Mk3 lost oil pressure?

An oil pressure-warning light is one that will immediately give you a cold sweat. First things first, find a safe place to pull over as soon as you can and turn off the motor.

Allow the oil to settle for 10 minutes, then check the oil level. If there’s plenty of oil present and the engine was ticking along nicely before the pressure warning, there’s a good chance that the oil pump has given up the ghost. If that’s the case, you’ll need to purchase a new oil pump and get twirling those spanners.

The good news is that you can do this job with the engine in situ, so raise the front of the vehicle, set it on axle stands then get cracking. Simply take your time as you follow our step-by-step guide.

Peugeot Boxer III

Does your Peugeot Boxer Mk3 have wiper problems?

With windscreen wipers, you can pretty much guarantee that the moment you find out that they’ve failed is the moment when you need them the most. After all, you only ever really switch them on when the rain starts. Irksome.

And this is a problem that has befallen numerous owners of the Peugeot Boxer III. The wipers can either fail to do their thing when you move the lever, or they can stop halfway through. Either way, it’s somewhat less than ideal.

There are a couple of potential causes. A dodgy earth connection will cause them to fail, so check everything carefully and make sure everything is connected as it should be.

If all is well with the earth connection, then the issue is that the windscreen wiper motor itself has failed. Just remove the trim panels around the wiper motor and follow the wiper removal and replacement procedure in your Haynes Boxer Autofix.

Peugeot Boxer III

Struggling to start your Peugeot Boxer Mk3?

Is there anything more disheartening than the ever-slowing churn of a starter motor? Depressing, especially if there’s no sign of the engine actually considering firing into life.

Before the battery dies, the thing to do is plug in a fault-code reader, so you can begin to focus on what the problem might be.

If the reader displays the code P0341, then it pretty much straight away points to the camshaft position sensor. The solution? Easy – just replace the sensor, and for that you can use the Haynes Boxer Autofix.