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VW Touran Mk1 common problems (2003 - 2015)

VW Touran

Times may be tough, but if you own a VW Touran Mk1, Haynes can help you keep it on the road for a lot less than a garage would charge you.

So, it doesn’t matter whether or not there’s a weird vibration, or if the engine is feeling a bit off-song, we can explain what the problems are likely to be, and show you how to sort them cheaply and quickly.

The Mk1 Touran has issues that include a rumbling noise from the front suspension, a rattle from the engine bay and power steering failures.

There’s no denying that these will be annoying, but they’re also fixable if you follow what Haynes says.

VW Touran manual cover

What recalls has the VW Touran been subject to?

The Touran has been the subject of a few recalls throughout its life. One recall concerned the anti-lock braking and stability-control systems, which were known to fail. Not ideal.

Damaged wiring for the additional coolant pump caused another recall, and this was followed by a recall of models fitted with the twin-clutch DSG gearbox, which could suddenly lose drive.

Airbag failures caused a couple of recalls, and so did faulty starter motors.

What common problems does the VW Touran have?

The cooling system in the Touran have been known to cause the odd problem. In addition, cars with a manual gearbox have suffered knocking noises from the clutch.

A rumbling noise from the front suspension is a common issue, and the DPF has been known to throw up a warning light or two.

In addition, the engine’s cooling fan develops a fault that causes it to run continuously.

But there’s no need to worry. Simply buy the parts and save on labour charges by doing the repair yourself. It’s easy – just follow the Haynes Touran Mk1 manual and Autofix.

VW Touran dashboard

Does the Volkswagen Touran have cooling system problems?

Some owners have reported their Volkswagen Touran illuminating a coolant warning light and a high temperature.

The problem is most often a leak of coolant from the join between the engine block and the thermostat housing. As a result, the thermostat needs to be removed, the mating surfaces cleaned up and a new gasket installed before the whole lot is reassembled.

The good news is that this whole procedure is covered in the Haynes Touran manual and Autofix.

VW Touran

Does the VW Touran have clutch problems?

The Touran is also reported to have an occasional clutch problem. The symptom is a knocking noise from the clutch when the clutch pedal is depressed and the engine is spinning at more than 2000rpm.

On the plus side, the fault isn’t actually within the clutch. Instead, it lies with a faulty hydraulic pipe., so the pipe needs to be removed, and replaced, then the clutch system refilled and bled.

Again, this task is covered in full the Haynes Touran Mk1 manual and Autofix.

VW Touran

Does the VW Touran Mk1 have suspension problems?

On bumpier roads, the front suspension in the Touran can emit a rumbling noise.

This is due to faulty front anti-roll bar drop links, and the easiest solution is to replace them.

It’s an easy procedure that requires only the removal of each front wheel and undoing a couple of nuts.

Just follow the Haynes Touran manual and Autofix and you’ll be fine.

VW Touran

Does the VW Touran have DPF problems?

It isn’t unknown for the Volkswagen Touran to throw up either a DPF warning light or a glow plug warning light.

If it does, plug in a fault-code reader: if the fault codes are 07388 or P2463, then the problem lies with faulty software, which will require a software update.

However, it can also be that the DPF is clogged and needs to be cleaned, which is a procedure covered in step-by-step detail in your Haynes Touran manual and Autofix.

Does the VW Touran Mk1 have cooling fan problems?

If you’ve been driving around on a freezing day and suddenly notice that your vehicle’s cooling fan is running continuously, it’s time to plug in a fault-code reader to discover what the problem is.

If that reader generates either code 00819 or 0333 then the fault lies with the high-pressure sensor in the cooling system. This sensor needs to be replaced, but it’s a simple job if you follow the in-depth procedure within the Haynes Touran manual and Autofix.

VW Touran

Does the VW Touran have timing problems?

The 1.4-litre petrol engine has been known to suffer the odd issue that causes a rattle to emanate from the engine bay once the engine is started from cold.

The problem is a faulty timing chain tensioner. If your car exhibits such a noise, then you’ll need to replace the timing chain tensioner, which is a lengthy procedure that’s covered in full by the Haynes Touran Mk1 manual and Autofix. Just take it step by step and you’ll save a load of money on labour charges.