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Ford Fiesta Mk6 common problems (2002 - 2008)

Ford Fiesta Mk6

Do you own or are looking to buy a used Ford Fiesta Mk6 (2002 - 2008)? Haynes can help you look after it yourself and save money in the process.

We’ll tell you what problems you might discover with the Mk6 Fiesta. And if your car is doing something unusual or making an odd noise, we can help you to diagnose it and effect a cost-effective repair, with no need to get a garage to do it. Not only that but we can also show you how to service, maintain and repair your Fiesta yourself.

The Mk6 Fiesta (2002 - 2008) has weaknesses that include dodgy air-conditioning, faulty remote-control keys, and a grinding noise from the front of the car. However, none of these issues should cause you any sleepless nights because they are inexpensive and pretty easy to fix. Just follow our lead and your Mk6 Fiesta will be fighting fit in no time.

Check out this Mk6 Fiesta routine maintenance guide!

Ford Fiesta Mk6

What recalls has the Mk6 Fiesta been subject to?

The Mk6 Fiesta has been recalled a few times in its life, so it’s worth checking to ensure that all the work has been carried out. For example, 1311 examples were recalled because a weld seam on the rear axle was not to specification. In this case, the axle should have been replaced for free. This generation of Fiesta was also afflicted by an issue in which the power steering drivebelt could delaminate and snap, causing the power steering to fail. A new belt is required. In addition, 496 cars were recalled because the universal joint in the steering column was damaged during production. The solution is for the steering column to be replaced.

Mk6 Fiesta interior

What common problems does the Mk6 Fiesta have?

Some examples of the Mk6 Fiesta have been known to suffer from an air-conditioning fault, while some cars have had sticky gearshifts. The ABS/ESP system sometimes causes the ABS warning light to illuminate, and other examples have been affected by an issue that causes an intermittent starting problem.

However, solving such common problems needn’t be difficult if you use the Haynes Fiesta 2002-2008 manual or Autofix.

Mk6 Fiesta

Does the Ford Fiesta Mk6 have air-conditioning problems?

The Mk6 Fiesta sometimes has a fault that causes its air-conditioning system to stop operating, or alternatively, that causes the compressor to run continuously.

The system raises no fault codes, but there are two likely causes. One is that the wiring is damaged, so you need only trace the wiring to find the dodgy connection. The second cause is often a faulty air-conditioning pressure switch, which will require replacement.

The good news is that the procedure to remove and replace the air-con switch is one that a DIY mechanic will be more than capable of completing with little trouble.

You can solve air-conditioning issues on the Mk6 Fiesta with the Haynes Fiesta 2002-2008 manual or Autofix.

Watch out how to service the fluids in your Mk6 Fiesta with our free video below! 


Does the Mk6 Fiesta 2002-2008 have driveshaft problems?

On occasion, the Mk6 Fiesta 2002-2008 has been known to develop a fault that causes a grinding noise to emanate from under the front of the vehicle.

The problem is a faulty driveshaft centre bearing, and the only solution is to remove the driveshaft and replace the bearing. This sounds like a complex procedure but it really isn’t, and is perfectly within the scope of the home mechanic.

You will be able to solve this issue on the Mk6 Fiesta with the Haynes Fiesta 2002-2008 manual or Autofix.

Does the Mk6 Fiesta have gearshift problems?

The Mk6 Fiesta can sometimes develop a fault that causes the shift up or down into third gear to feel sticky. The cause is faulty third- and fourth-gear synchroniser rings, which need to be replaced. We’d recommend getting an expert to conduct the gearbox repair, but we can help you to remove and replace the gearbox, which will save you a great deal of cash.

Simply look up transmission removal on the Mk6 Fiesta with the Haynes Fiesta 2002-2008 manual or Autofix.

Ford Fiesta Mk6

Does the Ford Fiesta Mk6 have remote-control key problems?

The remote-control keys for the Ford Fiesta Mk6 can sometimes fail to open or close the vehicle.

The cause is almost always a depleted battery, and you’ll be able to sort the problem in a minute or two if you refer to the Haynes Fiesta 2002-2008 manual or Autofix.