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Ford Fiesta is the UK’s most popular used car

Used Ford Fiestas

The Ford Fiesta is the most sought after secondhand car brand in the UK, following analysis of Google search data and listings on eBay and AutoTrader by

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused numerous issues with the production of new cars globally, and many buyers have opted for used models instead of facing a long wait. As a result, secondhand cars have been changing hands via the classifieds and flying off forecourts at an incredible rate, and the increased demand has caused prices to rise.

The analysis looked at the popularity of 50 models and we've listed the top 10 used cars.

The most popular used cars in the UK

Ford Fiesta on Autofix from Haynes

1. Ford Fiesta

The supermini has topped the new car sales charts for years in the UK, so it's no great surprise that it's also a popular used buy, with more than 7000 examples for sale on eBay and 12,000+ on Auto Trader, in's survey. The Fiesta's annual search volume on Google came in at 15.2 million.

The most recent versions come packed with safety kit and feature ultra-efficient turbocharged three-cylinder Ecoboost petrol engines.

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VW Golf on Autofix from Haynes

2. Volkswagen Golf

The Golf is another tried and trusted favourite that holds its value well. It trails the Fiesta because its annual Google global search volume was less than half that of the Ford, but the VW was the most listed used car on AutoTrader, with 24,464 units.

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Ford Focus on Autofix from Haynes

3. Ford Focus

Family cars have to satisfy on so many levels and the Focus and Golf have been arch enemies for decades as each new version tries to outdo the other. However, the Focus has always been the most fun to drive.

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Honda Civic on Autofix from Haynes

4. Honda Civic

Honda's family hatchback came top in the annual Google search volume tally, at an astonishing 35m+ hits. However, the Civic isn't as big a seller as the Focus or Golf when new, so there aren't as many for sale in the classifieds.

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Vauxhall Corsa on Autofix from Haynes

5. Vauxhall Corsa

The Corsa tends to run the Ford Fiesta very close in the new car sales charts, but it's a different story in this survey, with there being plenty of daylight between the superminis. Don't discount the Corsa, though. It's a popular model and is easy to maintain at home.

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Mini Cooper on Autofix from Haynes

6. Mini Cooper

The Cooper badge is slapped onto all Mini models, from the 3dr Hatch to the Clubman estate, but a quick search of the classifieds shows that the hatchback is the most popular body style.

There are more practical rivals but few will have you grinning as much when you're in the driver's seat.

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Audi A3 on Autofix from Haynes

7. Audi A3

Closely related to the VW Golf but a little more premium, the A3 is a rarer sight than its VW sibling in the classifieds but is much more searched-for on Google.

The A3 shares most of its mechanical parts with the Golf, which makes life easier when you're doing your own maintenance.

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Nissan Qashqai on Autofix from Haynes

8. Nissan Qashqai

SUVs are meant to be all the rage with new and used car buyers, and yet this is as good as it gets for the body style. Perhaps that's because SUVs are perceived to be costlier to run?

The Qashqai comes with a choice of petrol and diesel engines, and is ideal family transport, with plenty of space on offer. Most trim levels are well equipped, too.

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Fiat 500 on Autofix from Haynes

9. Fiat 500

BMW did it with the Mini and Fiat's done it with the 500: reinvented a classic. Granted, Fiat's city car isn't as fun to drive as the Mini but it's still full of character and retro styling, both inside and out.

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BMW 3 Series on Autofix from Haynes

10. BMW 3 Series

There might be lots of choice in the classifieds, but BMW's compact executive isn't searched for on Google as much as you might think.

The 3 Series comes in saloon, hatchback and estate body styles and features a wide range of efficient and powerful diesel and petrol engines.

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The most popular used car brands in the UK's research also extended to brands, with rankings also based on global Google search volume and listings on eBay and Auto Trader.

BMW logo

1. BMW

As well as high numbers of listings on eBay and people searching on Google, BMW was the most listed brand on AutoTrader, with over 36,000 used listings.

Ford logo

2. Ford

While it lagged behind slightly in terms of Google searches, Ford was the most commonly listed brand on eBay (with over 20,000 listings) and was also the second-most popular brand on AutoTrader.

Audi logo

3. Audi

Audi has a diverse range of vehicles to choose from, and while they're certainly towards the higher end of the price scale, there's still great value to be found on the second-hand market.