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Volkswagen Golf Mk7 common problems

VW Golf Mk7

Just living from day to day is becoming ever-more expensive, and so is the cost of running your car. But while we can’t reduce the cost of a box of cereal or teabags, we can help you slash the cost of keeping your Volkswagen Golf Mk7 on the road.

We’ll keep you a step ahead by telling you what problems you might find. And we’ll be able to give you a good idea of what’s causing that funny noise, as well as helping you to repair it as cheaply as possible. No need for the expense of a garage when you have Haynes by your side. On top of that, we can also show you how to service, maintain and repair your VW Golf Mk7 yourself.

The VW Golf Mk7 has weaknesses that include water getting into the cabin through the door speakers, creaking from the front suspension, and noisy air-conditioning. All annoying, but all fixable with the help of Haynes.

VW Golf Mk7 Haynes manual

What recalls has the VW Golf Mk7 been subject to?

The VW Golf Mk7 has had a few recalls in its time. One affected 1.2 and 1.4-litre petrol engines – loose camshaft adjuster bolts could break the camshaft pulley.

Another recall was brought about by airbags and seatbelt pretensioners that might not operate in a crash. A fuel leak from a dodgy fuel rail caused another recall, and faulty wheel-bearing housings cause another trip back to the dealer.

Then more than 13,500 cars were recalled to dealers because of child safety locks that could disengage without warning

What common problems does the VW Golf Mk7 have?

Some examples of the VW Golf Mk7 have suffered from a cabin blower that ceases to work, while the engine warning light has been keen to illuminate on occasion, such as when a faulty turbo wastegate actuator malfunctions.

The front suspension has also been the source of some problems, and some cars have suffered a noise from under the bonnet when the air-conditioning system has been running.

However, the good news is that these issues are all comparatively easy to repair when you have the Haynes Golf Mk7 manual or Autofix.

VW Golf Mk7

Does the VW Golf Mk7 have leak problems?

On occasion, water has managed to leak into the cabin of the VW Golf Mk7.

The cause is a cracked door speaker mounting bracket, which allows water to accumulate in the passenger-side footwell. First, you need to remove and replace the affected speaker, then dry out the carpet in the footwell.

Replacing the door speaker is very easy indeed, and is fully covered in the Haynes Golf Mk7 manual or Autofix.

Service the cooling system in your VW Golf Mk7 with our free video below.

VW Golf Mk7

Does the VW Golf Mk7 have cabin blower problems?

The cabin blower in the VW Golf Mk7 has been known to fail. If it does, plug in an OBD reader – the fault will generate code B10BE. This means that the issue lies in faulty blower control unit software.

The solution is to renew the blower unit, which is a task that you will be able to accomplish just by following the steps in the Haynes Golf Mk7 manual or Autofix.

VW Golf Mk7 interior

Does the VW Golf Mk7 have turbocharger problems?

If your Golf Mk7 is running a bit rough, is a bit sluggish, and has an erratic idle, there’s a good chance that a faulty turbo actuator valve could be the problem. To find out, plug in an OBD reader. The possible fault codes are P2263, P2562, pP2564, P334A, P334B, 11825, P0033 and P0034.

Then check the operation of the turbo actuator rod. If this is the source of the fault, then you can replace the actuator rod fairly easily with recourse to your Haynes Golf Mk7 manual or Autofix.

VW Golf Mk7

Does the VW Golf Mk7 have front suspension problems?

There are few things more annoying than a squeak. And unfortunately, the VW Golf Mk7 can suffer squeaks from its front suspension. Not cool when you’re driving along with the window down.

The source of the issue is poorly lubricated bushes in the front control arms, and the repair involves removing the control arms and applying grease, which is a task that is covered in some depth in your Haynes Golf Mk7 manual or Autofix.

Does the VW Golf Mk7 have air-conditioning problems?

When it’s warm, there are few finer things than air-conditioning. Indeed, it’s best to run your air-con all the time, to keep it all lubricated and free from bacteria. However, the VW Golf Mk7 can suffer an annoying noise from under the bonnet when you switch on the air-con.

The problem lies with a faulty air-conditioning compressor solenoid valve. The solution is to top up the refrigerant and to replace the air-conditioning compressor, which is a procedure you’ll find in your Haynes Golf Mk7 manual or Autofix.

VW Golf Mk7