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Ford Focus Mk3 2011-2014 problems

Mk3 Ford Focus car

Common problems and faults to watch for when buying and owning a 2011-2014 Ford Focus Mk3.

Haynes is here to help you save money at every stage of the car ownership experience. Using our extensive database, we can tell you what problems the Ford Focus 2011-2014 you’re thinking about buying might have, and we can show you how to diagnose and solve them.

If you already own a Ford Focus 2011-2014, Haynes can help you with the service, maintenance and repair of it using a Haynes Manual or Autofix before you incur the expense of a garage visit.

The Ford Focus 2011-2014 has problems that include excessive battery discharge and the engine randomly switching into limp-home mode, and this article will explain what they involve and how the DIY mechanic can repair these at home and save money.

So we’re here to offer advice, data and help as you do it yourself with Haynes.

Haynes Manual Ford Focus Mk3

What common problems does the Ford Focus 2011-2014 have?

All versions of the Ford Focus 2011-2014 have been known to suffer from loose sealing strips around the door frames, which can cause a high-pitched squeal at speed.

In addition, the coolant pump on 1.6-litre EcoBoost models has been known to leak fluid.

Petrol models have suffered from chafing to the rear fuel lines, while others have been afflicted by a failure of the keyless entry system.

However, it’s easy to solve common problems for this model year of Ford Focus with the Haynes Focus 2011-2014 Manual or AutoFix.

What recalls has the Ford Focus 2011-2014 been subject to?

The Ford Focus 2011-2014 has been the subject of a number of recalls, some serious, some less so. Early cars were recalled because a corroded cooling fan could seize and catch fire. Then more than 15,000 examples were recalled because the cylinder head could suffer a crack. A faulty clutch pressure plate caused another recall in 2013, and the car was recalled in 2014 because overheating could cause the sump to crack.

However, it’s easy to solve common problems for the Ford Focus 2011-2014 with the Haynes Focus 2011-2014 Manual or AutoFix.

Are Ford Focus gearbox problems a thing?

Some versions of the Ford Focus 2011-2014 have suffered issues with oil leaking from the gearbox. The cause of the fault is most often an incorrectly fitted driveshaft, which then damages the relevant gearbox seal. Either driveshaft can be the cause. However, the procedure is one that a DIY mechanic will be more than capable of completing without issue.

Solve Ford Focus gearbox problems with the Haynes Focus 2011-2014 Manual or AutoFix.

Watch the driveshaft removal procedure FOR FREE here:

Is transmission malfunction a Ford Focus problem?

Some versions of the Ford Focus 2011-2014 that are fitted with the 2.0-litre Duratorq engine can suffer problems with their gearshift. The symptom of the issue is that the transmission can suddenly slip from first gear into neutral. It can also suddenly slip from second gear into neutral.

The problem is a weak synchromesh on these gears. However, removal of the transmission is a task that can be carried out by the DIY mechanic with the help of a Haynes Manual or Haynes Autofix. A repair kit (part no: 1852724) is then available to remedy the problem.

Solve Ford Focus 2011-2014 transmission issues with the Haynes Focus 2011-2014 Manual or AutoFix.

Does the Ford Focus 2011-2014 have coolant leak problems?

Some examples of the Ford Focus 2011-2014 have suffered a small leak of coolant from the thermostat housing. This is an easy repair that involves draining of the cooling system, removal of the thermostat housing, and resealing the affected area before replacing the items removed. The procedure is covered by the Haynes Focus 2011-2014 Manual.

Does the Ford Focus 2011-2014 have electrical problems?

There have been reports of Ford Focus 2011-2014 occasionally suffering from excessive battery discharge, causing a fault code to appear. One cause is fluid from a leaky windscreen washer pump travelling down wires and into the body control module. The solution is to clean the body control module and plug, and if this fails, then to renew the windscreen washer pump.

Both of these procedures are covered by the relevant Haynes Manual.

Solve Ford Focus 2011-2014 problems with the Haynes Focus 2011-2014 Manual or AutoFix.

Does the Ford Focus 2011-2014 have keyless-locking problems?

We have heard of the odd Ford Focus 2011-2014 suffering from a failure of its keyless-entry system. The cause is water and salt ingress into the external door handle, and the solution is to remove the door handle and clean it out, and clean the keyless-entry sensor contained in the handle.

This procedure is covered in depth in the Ford Focus 2011-2014 Manual.

Ford Focus engine light

Does the Ford Focus 2011-2014 have electronic problems?

Is an engine malfunction a Ford Focus issue? Some examples have been prone to the engine randomly entering ‘limp-home’ mode, with a Ford Focus engine light appearing on the dashboard. The cause is most likely a faulty clutch pedal position sensor, which is contained within the hydraulic unit.

The solution is to clear all error codes from the ECU and if necessary replace the unit.