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Haynes releases new pocket manuals for kids

Haynes unveils range of pocket manuals for kids

Haynes has unveiled a range of six new kid-friendly miniature manuals. Making the perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas or the ideal pocket money treat, the books cover a range of exciting topics including Extreme Cars and Space, both new for 2019.  

Haynes has also updated existing titles Sharks, Dinosaurs, Deadly Creatures and Kings and Queens. 

For the budding petrolhead, Extreme Cars provides fast and furious facts and specs for 30 ultimate road cars. It also features record-breaking statistics including maximum speed and serious levels of power. Packed with fabulous photographs of these stunning, magnificent machines, dream extreme cars include the Bugatti Divo, Lamborghini Veneno and McLaren Senna. 

For those with an interest beyond Earth, Space contains a huge array of fun facts and awesome information about our universe. Covering planets, galaxies, space stations, black holes, shooting stars and more, it not only features amazing photos of the vast expanses and close-up details of space, but also explains infinity, comets, wormholes, dark energy, dark matter and alien noise. 

Deadly Creatures is sure to fascinate the most fearless of children. The book provides information, facts and figures about the most dangerous predators on earth, from fearsome big cats and bears to tiny and toxic scorpions and spiders.  Including vital attack strategies, killing methods and other venomous details, this essential pocket manual features 48 terrifying creatures, all illustrated with scarily up-close photos.

Taking a step back in time, Dinosaurs lists 45 species of dinosaur in alphabetical order for easy reference and features every type from the stunningly huge to the surprisingly small. The book is filled with intriguing facts such as life span, size, weight, intelligence level and diet, and contains fantastic life-like drawings of the creatures in their natural habitat. 

For curious ocean-lovers, Sharks delivers an A-Z collection from the enormous whale shark to the most-deadly Great White.  Every entry includes statistics on weight, size, reproduction, speed and, importantly, the number of teeth. All 46 amazing marine creatures are illustrated with brilliant photographs, along with fascinating information on habitat, behaviour and geographical distribution. 

Ideal for wannabe history buffs, this vibrant, fact-filled Kings and Queens pocket manual spans 1,200 years of British royals, from King Egbert to Queen Elizabeth II. The book covers everything from revolutions and beheadings through to scandals, marriages and imposters, and what’s more, each monarch has a special regal portrait showing them in all their cartoon glory. 

The range of six pocket manuals are available from and are priced at £4.99. The books are published in October 2019.