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VW Passat common problems (2010-2015)

VW Passat B7

The VW Passat Mk7 was built between 2010 and 2015, and is an undeniably nice way to travel. But it has the odd glitch, which is where Haynes comes in. Why? Well, we can not only help you to diagnose the source of that noise or vibration, but we can also help you to repair it cheaply, so there’s no need for you to visit a garage and pay hefty labour rates.

It’s a no-lose scenario, because not only do you avoid huge garage bills, but you also get to run your Passat as efficiently as possible, which has to be good in these times of skyrocketing fuel costs.

So, you’ll pay for your Haynes manual only the once, but we’ll pay you back every single time you use your manual and skip the big bills.

VW Passat manual

What recalls has the VW Passat been subject to?

VW has had to recall the Passat Mk7 a few times, but not too many.

One recall concerned 16,625 examples in which the starter motor could malfunction and overheat, potentially causing a fire. The engines affected were the 1.6- and 2.0-litre diesels.

Some Mk7 models with the 2.0 TDI engine fitted were recalled because their high-pressure fuel pipes were the wrong specification, and needed anti-vibration weights added.

And some Mk7 models with the dual-clutch gearbox fitted were recalled for a software update to prevent loss of drive. A poorly connected wiring harness could cause a loss of braking performance, and an airbag could go off without warning.

Finally, a faulty dual-mass flywheel required replacement because it caused a lot of vibration and rough running.

VW Passat Estate

What common problems does the VW Passat have?

The VW Passat Mk7 occasionally suffers an issue in which the engine sometimes fails to start, the glow plug warning illuminates, and the engine judders when running. In addition, the Passat sometimes emits a rumbling noise from its rear end at low speeds.

Parking sensors that can suddenly go on the blink can cause the odd moment of tension, and brakes that vibrate when you’re stopping are going to annoy on every journey.

And your Passat’s keyless entry system can suddenly stop allowing you to enter without using a key, somewhat defeating the purpose. Finally, the cabin can fill with a smell of fuel, which is disconcerting at best.


VW Passat engine

Does the Passat Mk7 have fuel system problems?

The seventh-generation Passat with the 2.0-litre TDI engine occasionally suffers from poor starting, an illuminated glow plug warning light, and a shuddery engine when running.

The cause of these issues lies with a faulty fuel pressure sensor. If you plug in a fault-code reader and it displays the code P0191, then this is the problem.

The solution is to clear all the error codes and to replace the fuel pressure sensor itself.

This is a very simple task indeed, and is covered in detail in the Haynes Passat manual and Autofix.

VW Passat

Does the VW Passat have suspension-noise problems?

A VW Passat is a high-quality machine aimed at the top end of the family market, so it somewhat takes the sheen off the experience if the rear suspension rumbles at low speeds. But that’s what has happened on some examples.

The cause a faulty lower-arm hydro bush, which has to be replaced.

This may sound complicated but it really isn’t. Just be organised and follow each step in the Haynes Passat manual and Autofix. You’ll have it sorted in no time.

VW Passat Mk7

Does the Passat have parking sensor problems?

Parking sensors are great when they work. But if they suddenly fail, you might only discover when you hear that crunching sound as you hit whatever you’re next to as you await a warning beep.

It’s definitely best to sort the issue as soon as possible. So, start off by plugging in a fault code reader to the OBD socket. The fault lies with a poor connection at a sensor, and one of these codes will indicate which sensor is suffering the issue: B1076, B107E, B10F6, B10F7, B10F8, B10F9, B1077, B1078, B1079, B107A, B107D, B10FA, B10FB, B1150, B1151, B1152, B1153, B1377.

The solution is fairly straightforward, and involves removing the affected bumper and inspecting the sensor connection behind it. Then just clean up the connection and all should be well.


VW Passat

Does the VW Passat Mk7 have brake problems?

A vibration in a car is an undeniably annoying thing. A vibration every single time you hit the brakes, is doubly annoying, because you feel it through both your backside and your hands. And you can’t just not use the brakes.

Unfortunately, the VW Passat can suffer from brake vibrations. These can be brought on by damaged brake pads or discs, corroded brakes, or brake pads and disc that have been overheated.

The only way to fix these is to replace the affected components, but the good news is that this is a simple task that your Haynes Passat manual and Autofix can guide you through.

Does the VW Passat have keyless-entry problems?

A keyless-entry system is an undeniably convenient thing. Just walk up to the car, pull the handle and you’re in. Great. Except when you pull the handle and nothing happens. Not great.

If this happens in your Volkswagen Passat Mk7, then the likely cause is a loose keyless-entry system antenna. If you plug in a fault-code reader and it displays the code B1174, then you can be sure that a dodgy antenna is the source of the issue.

The good news is that your Haynes Passat manual and Autofix can show you where the antenna is (or should be) and how to replace it.


VW Passat

Does the VW Passat Mk7 have fuel odour problems?

It’s going to be a bit of a worry if your Passat’s interior suddenly fills with the unmistakable smell of fuel. The obvious inference is that fuel is escaping from where it should be, and going somewhere it shouldn’t.

This is an experience some Passat Mk7 owners have endured, and it’s caused by a faulty fuel return pipe, which runs across the top of the engine.

The only solution is to replace the pipe, but we’ve got you covered there because this is a procedure you’ll find in your Haynes Passat manual and Autofix. Dig out the spanners, follow the steps and all journeys will henceforth be odour-free.

VW Passat